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Parc Blog

The full 2024 Texas bike racing calendar - Road, MTB, Gravel, Track and Ultra. Find your next race!
Planning a long ride? This is your fully comprehensive guide to all the gear you need to ride over 50 miles. Food, gear, bags - it's all here!
Why did we decide to build The Bag and start Parc? No product met our standards, so we built our own gear system. What do we mean by system? Read on to find out.
A comprehensive guide to the gear you need to pack for your criterium. Crit racing is hard, so make sure your gear is dialed. Parc's packing list for criteriums explains what you should have in The Bag before heading to the races.
The ultimate guide to cyclocross gear! Whether you're a seasoned racer or a newbie gearing up for your first cyclocross race, having the right equipment is crucial for success.To help you prepare and pack The Bag, we put together a comprehensive and printable list of must-have gear for your next cyclocross race.
Buying a used bike is HARD! What to buy? How old is too old? What's a good price? We wrote the ultimate guide to buying a used bike to help.
What kind of bike should I get? A simple flow-chart to help you buy the right kind of bike, based on how/where you ride.
Who are we? Well, we're cyclists with a lofty mission and some interesting (we think) ideas. Coming out of Austin TX, The Bag is just a first stepping stone.
Are you fast enough to try racing? How fit should you be before your first race? Maybe that's not the right question to be asking...
Racing your first crit? We have five tips that we wish someone would have told us before we lined up the first time.