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A small business in Austin, TX


parc-the-bag-gear-bag-storageParc is a new cycling brand built in Austin, TX. We're obsessed cyclists who just can't get enough. We're watching races, racing ourselves, sneaking out for a loop around the neighborhood, searching for new trails and always dreaming up new bike builds online. We ride on dirt, gravel, roads and the track. We're just as likely to be pinning on a number to race a flat crit as we are to be headed to the mountains for epic alpine singletrack. It's our belief that if everyone spent some regular time on their bike, the world would be a better place. Parc's mission is to help more people enjoy more time on two wheels.

Parc's first product, The Bag, is just us scratching our own itch! We have never found a gear bag that met all our needs and kept us organized at home and on the road. The Bag won't be our only product, but we do expect to produce multiple versions. We also plan to design other innovative products of our own as we expand the brand. Do we know yet what those products will be? Nope! We're going to let our customers tell us what they want and go from there.

The Bag launched on Kickstarter in April of 2021 and we raised over 310% of our goal amount to produce our first round of Bags. Thank you to all the Backers who helped make our visions come to life!