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The Parc Bag

Not really. The Bag was built for your cycling gear, not for laptops, books, lunches or other work/school supplies. Would it work? Probably. But there are better commute-specific bags out there. Maybe a future Parc product...

Yes! There are two large pockets on the interior of The Bag. Both are big enough to fit most standard road and MTB helmets. Full-face helmets, large enduro style helmets and some time trial helmets will not fit.

No. Because of the orientation of the The Bag when zipped in backpack mode and when hanging open, there really isn't a great place for a water bottle sleeve. Nothing better than ice cold water though, so we usually have a separate small cooler or insulated jug.

Heck no! The Bag is meant to be a forever, every day home for the gear you use most. Load it up once, and enjoy grab and go access at home and on the road, no packing and unpacking required.

Not at all! The Bag is for every cyclist, no matter what surface you ride on, what bike you ride, or how far or fast you go. We want to help you organize, transport and access your gear no matter where you're taking it.

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We launched on Kickstarter in April 2021 to raise funds for our first full round of production. As of the beginning of July 2021, production has begun, but we're extending the pre-sale (and discount) until the Bags arrive. Once the Bags are in our hands and shipping out to pre-sale buyers and Kickstarter backers, our prices will be raised to normal retail. There are a limited number of Bags available for pre-sale, so don't miss out!

We started production in the beginning of July, but the factory is dealing with COVID lockdowns. This will likely add two weeks to the initial estimation of 30 days. Once our Bags leave the factory, delays in shipping are also possible, so it's very difficult to estimate an actual delivery date to Backers. We're still hoping to ship to Backers before end of September, and will provide updates through Kickstarter as we know more.

Yes, team deals are available. Custom logos may be available in the future. If you would be interested in doing custom logos, email with some details and a general estimate of the number of Bags you'd like to order.

We are not currently selling in retail stores, though may in the future. is the only place to purchase a Bag, so please tell us if you see them elsewhere?


At this time, we do not. We are hoping to set up an ambassador program shortly, to work with athletes who share our passion for growing our sport. We are working on what that program will look like, and will share more details on the website and our social media when we have them. If you are interested in being a Parc ambassador in the future, please reach out to and let us know. We’d love to talk!

Not yet! But, we're always looking for talented photographers and videographers that want to work in cycling specifically. If you are a freelancer interested in working with us, reach out at Thanks!