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The Bag


Either way, The Bag is the most versatile cycling gear bag on the market.

Volume: 51L overall, 32L of secured pocket space

The Bag lets you store, carry and transport your cycling gear like never before. It's home storage, and a travel bag. With 20+ pockets and features designed for cyclists, your gear is always at your fingertips.

  • Super durable, weather proof ripstop nylon and quality YKK zippers throughout
  • Moisture resistant interior materials to separate sweaty gear and keep clean up easy
  • Clear pockets and cycling item specific design keeps gear in its place, right where you can see it
  • It hangs on the wall at home, hangs on the seat or on the garment hook in the car, and has quick deploy backpack straps for hands free carry or comfortable short rides.
  • Bright, reflective pattern and light loop for safe low light/night riding, if you have to haul your gear home at night.

DIMENSIONS: Open, The Bag measures 34" tall, 23" wide. Zipped up, The Bag is 23" tall, 15.5" wide.

Over 320% funded on Kickstarter in 2021! 


"One of the best bike-centric gear bags." - CYCLINGTIPS

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Built by cyclists, for cyclists

We built the Bag to organize our helmets, AND our tools. Our CO2 and our kit. We want to see our stuff. We want everything in its place. We want to zip it up and take it all with us. We want one bag at home and on the road - no packing needed. We want clutter free cars. We want to pull up, park, grab our gear and go ride.

Designed to perform

Wherever you ride, The Bag is ready to go. Throw your muddy gear inside and ride home in the rain. Waterproof materials inside and out keep moisture out, or in, and make for easy cleaning. Carry it as a backpack, hang it at home or in the car. Reflective printing and a light loop keep you visible in low light.

cyclist-with-parc-gear-bag-and bikes

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gary Metcalf

The Parc bag is incredible and made for guys like me! Now I'm able to have everything in place and easily transport in my vehicle and even wear comfortably as a backpack. Thank you!

Blake Charvoz
This bag packs a ton of function I am all about it

Before this thing I had my cycling stuff strewn about the house like a bomb went off. Now it hangs behind the trainer and keeps everything together, within reach, and ready to roll whenever it's time to head out. Big fan here.

Keeping me organized and ready

Y'know how you want to be that organized person, but you're just not? That was me, before I got my parc bag. I'm a recreational cyclist, but even that requires lots of miscellaneous stuff. The bag has worked great for me. Especially love that you can see what's in most of the pouches and that there's not one bit of wasted space. Even the large pockets have handy little inside pouches.

The really cool thing is it's versatility. Off-season, I found this to be the perfect travel bag in my car. I filled it with jumper cables, snacks, wipes, paper towels, gloves, ice scraper, shopping bags, extra sunglasses, hat and masks, and keep it hanging on the driver side headrest. I'm always ready to go! Love it.

Shane Traughber
Ultra Cyclist Dream Bag!

I participate in and help crew ultras. Organization is vital, and this makes it simple. My athletes tend to have limited space in their follow vans. The ability to set up on the back of the driver/shotgun seat and easily access pieces of kit for quick handoffs can save hours of the crew and athlete's time over the course of one of my races. Those hours can mean the difference between a spot on the podium or just finishing. It's worth every penny.

Tyler Coleman
Great for more than just cycling gear!

I have used this bag primarily for all my trail running gear, and it has worked great so far. Makes a perfect trailhead aid station. I load it with a change of shoes, extra handheld water bottles, fuel/snacks, and a change of clothes. Would work perfect as a crew bag for ultra marathon races! It's nice to have all my gear neatly organized and accessible, rather than just stuffed into a backpack or tote. I love the ability to flip it open and attach it to my car's headrest. This bag is definitely a game changer!