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THE BAG - 20+ pockets and features for cyclists.


Home storage, and a travel bag. Store, access, and transport your cycling gear like never before. 32L of secured pocket space.
  • Clear pockets and cycling item specific storage
  • Durable, weather resistant ripstop nylon and quality YKK zippers
  • Moisture resistant interior pockets to separate dirty, wet gear
  • Headrest hood deploys to hang The Bag in the car on seat
  • Backpack straps, exterior reflective printing and blinky light loop
  • Fits helmets AND shoes, and so much more.

Over 320% funded on Kickstarter in 2021! 

Read our FAQs or our "How to use the Bag" Manual.

"One of the best bike-centric gear bags." - CYCLINGTIPS

No shipping outside the U.S. CURRENTLY.


Shoes and helmet!

Yes, your helmet and shoes should fit! Two interior pockets are each big enough for a pair of shoes or a helmet. Fuller coverage MTB helmets may not fit. It depends on model and size. Full-face and TT helmets do not fit. See dimensions below. Helmet in picture is a size L (58-61cm). Shoes are a 44 (10.5 US).

All your gear, at your fingertips

We built the Bag to organize our helmets, AND our tools. Our CO2 and our kit. We want to see our stuff. We want everything in its place. We want to zip it up and take it all with us. We want one bag at home and on the road - no packing needed. We want clutter free cars. We want to pull up, park, grab our gear and go ride.

Top half Parc cycling gear bag shown hanging on wall with hand pulling a cycling computer out of a small mesh pocket. Other cycling products shown in surrounding pockets.

unmatched versatility

Wherever you ride, The Bag is ready to go. Throw your muddy gear inside and ride home in the rain. Waterproof materials inside and out keep moisture out, or in, and make for easy cleaning. Carry it as a backpack, hang it at home or in the car. Reflective printing and a light loop keep you visible in low light.

Parc cycling gear bag held up by male in garage with bikes hanging in background. Contents of cycling kit bag visible through clear plastic pockets.

our innovative headrest hood

The Bag keeps your car clean, spacious and clutter free. Our Bag has a Headrest Hood that allows you to hang The Bag on the back of your driver or passenger seat. An additional strap secures the bottom of The Bag, so your leg & floor space is still usable. Or, hang The Bag from your garment hook. In larger vehicles, you can hang The Bag and still easily fit a bike in the back seat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
High quality construction and smart design

First impressions:

Bought the Parc to replace a non-cycling specific seat back organizer that just didn’t have enough storage so I still had various bins for tools etc and gels in my car, shoes on the floor, and helmets on a head rest hook. Now all of that is very nicely consolidated. I keep lots of stuff in the car— mostly so I don’t forget stuff when I drive off for a ride or race. (Unfortunately I need to drive to my rides.)

I felt like I took a risk on the purchase— the bag is pricey, but I’m happy with the design and quality. Shoes and helmets fit nicely.

The bag is pretty big, which is good. But I have to keep the head rest somewhat higher than usual to keep the bottom off the floor.

Overall, very happy with the Parc and recommend it for a car kit organizer.

Andrew Madden

Better than I was expecting and has been standing up to what I've put it through.

M. Fonseca
Awesome for all gear organization needs!

First off, when I ordered the bag, I forgot to look at the shipping address auto-populated and sent it to my old house across the country. I contacted Parc and Sam was super responsive and able to fix the error quickly with no hiccups. 10/10 for customer service! The Bag is billed as a cyclist's bag but I'm throwing it out there that it's also the PERFECT bag to organize your car if you're a parent. As my son is getting older and we're hustling from school to soccer to weekend adventures, I'm finding that I need a wider variety of stuff in my car and it very easily ends up morphing into a hot mess. I've had The Bag for a couple of weeks now and my car mess is all contained AND organized. It's perfection. There are pockets for my gear, first aid/sun/bugs, change of clothes/warm layers for my son, snacks, and anything else we might need in a pinch. 12/10 recommend this to any parent who loves a clean car!

Tara Dunn
Most amazing and practical cycling gear bag!

I bought this bag for my boyfriend for his birthday. We ride and spend time between Denver and Boulder. This is the perfect organizing and inventory-ing solution for the back-and-forth with event travel in between! Shipped quickly and arrived within days, so I was able to surprise him with this gift while we celebrated at Salida76. We also love that it is a US small business (Austin, Texas). Thank you Sam!

Megan H
This bag is what I've been needing for years

I have constantly run into the issue of getting to an event or race or location away from home only to realize I forgot to pack something, like a multi tool or a valve core remover and am forced to buy a new one for whatever repair is needed... ending up with multiples of things- including bike pumps, loads of tubes, gloves, etc... this bag allowed me to empty all of my "bike stuff" plastic bins into one spot and fully take stock of all the stuff I own and to then donate/sell the extras I no longer need while packing the best of the stuff into the bag and taking it with me everytime I leave the house for a bike event. It's brilliant and I love being able to hang it at home as a bike storage locker of sorts- keeping the crap from ending up all over my house or getting lost. I'm a huge fan and have told everyone I know about it.