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What kind of bike should I buy: A quick guide to choosing the right bike for you!

What kind of bike should I buy?

A simple flowchart for choosing your next bike.

From road to gravel, cyclocross to enduro bikes, we cover it all. Also, see the links at the very bottom to each type of bike we mention!

what kind of bike should I buy flow chart

Hybrid/Fitness bikes. Flat handlebars, skinnier tires, comfortable geometry.

General road bike, with drop-bars (i.e. curly handlebars), round tubes and skinny tires.

"Aero" road bike, designed to cheat the wind and go fast. Wider, flatter tubes, less external cabling and deep wheels.

"Climbing" bike, built to go uphill quickly. Lightweight, round tubes, probably lots of carbon parts and low profile wheels.

"Endurance" bike. More upright geometry, optimized for comfort over long road rides. May include additional bottle/bag mounts.

"Crit bike." Let us reiterate that this really isn't it's own category. You can race any road bike in a crit. Most people do not have a dedicated crit bike. But if you're specifically targeting crit racing, might as well get a bike with ideal features. Aluminum is a good choice for durability, but it should be built for speed. This linked bike is just a popular option for those racing lots of crits.

Cyclocross bike. Similar to a road bike, but built for tight cornering and wider, knobby tires.

"Gravel racing" bike. Again, similar to a road bike but with more tire clearance and different gearing. Not the most comfortable option for gravel typically.

A standard "gravel" bike. Built to be comfy over rough surfaces, for long miles.

Hard-tail mountain bike. No rear suspension. Commonly, new riders choose hard-tails as their first mountain bike due to price and simplicity.

Cross-country (XC) mountain bike. Dual suspension, built to go up and down and turn quickly. Built to race. Not built for big jumps and drops.

Trail Bike i.e. "All-mountain" bike. This the most versatile type of mountain bike, for most riders. Climbs well, goes downhill well. Plenty of fun, plenty of comfort, suitable for just about every trail.

Enduro bike. Built for enduro style racing/riding, where you climb super slow to the top of a hairy, fast descent. These bikes shine when you point them downhill.

Downhill bike. Built for huge, fast, rough descents that include jumps, drops, rocks, roots and everything you'd find on a World Cup downhill course. Don't even try to ride it uphill. Feels more like a motorcycle when you sit on it.

Hope this helped!

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