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If you're holding a brand new Bag, congratulations! You're about to be so organized. What to do with all the time you'll save not searching for all your gear?

Probably just go ride your bike...


1. First look out of the box - What is this strap on the front?

When you first pull out the Bag, and see the reflective striping and light loop on the front, you'll also see a vertical strap. This strap wraps around the bottom of a car seat when hanging The Bag from a headrest in your car, helping you secure the bottom of The Bag. See below. Flip The Bag over and you'll find the comfortable, adjustable backpack straps, which can be unclipped at the bottom and zipped into their own pocket.

front of The Bag, a cycling gear bag made by Parcback of The Bag, a cycling gear bag, showing backpack straps

To connect to your car seat, you'll disconnect one side of the strap, wrap it around your car seat and clip it back in, then pull the strap end to tighten The Bag to your seat.

diagram of The Bag by Parc on a car seat, from the front of the car seat viewThe Bag by Parc hanging on the back of a car driver's seat

On the outside, you'll also notice a pocket on the back (same side as the backpack straps). This velcro'd pocket contains:

1) A webbing loop perfect for hanging The Bag from a hook at home, or from your garment hook, giving you constant, easy access to your gear. We love the hanging design for keeping our gear ready to go in the garage and on the road!

2) Our innovative headrest hood (see above) with adjustable straps, to hang The Bag from the back of your car seats, saving back seat and trunk space. In some larger cars, you can fit a bike in the back seat even with The Bag hanging!




2. Let's open it up!

Inside you'll find 15 pockets of varying size and material, designed specifically for the big and small gear cyclists need. The lower large pocket has 4 mesh pockets inside of it for items like socks and gloves. The upper large pocket is lined with a water resistant material to keep wet, dirty clothes separated and make clean-up easy!

The three mesh pockets on the upper half are perfect for quick grab items that you'll need every ride, like your computer, a HR monitor strap, your multi-tool, or and lights.

In the middle of The Bag, there are two elastic loops.We added these to hold our hand pump, our MTB shock pump, or on trips, our small massage stick. Additionally, they are great for just holding a small towel or rag that you don't want tucked in with other items.

The Bag by Parc cycling gear bag being held up in a garage

3. Here's how we pack ours!

Parc cycling gear back packed, with labels for each pocket's contents


4. Enjoy organization every day at home, AND on the road!

We created The Bag to make our travel bag and our home storage the same, thereby eliminating most of the packing needed to get out the door.

If you hang The Bag at home, you have a one stop setup to grab your ride necessities. Lights, tool, pump, gloves, shoes helmet, all in one spot!

When it's time to load up the car, just move the bag to the car, whether you simply hang it in the car, or you zip it up and drop it in the trunk. Either way, you have all your gear ready to go in seconds! No more running around the house trying to remember each critical item.

Your gear now has a home. Enjoy!